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Our Students Won 5 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze Medals in the Provincial Skills Competition

Our Students Won 5 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze Medals in the Provincial Skills Competition

Guangdong Professional Skills Competition for Vocational School Students(Secondary Vocational Group) had come to an end. Under the lead of the instructive teachers, our school’s skills competition team won medals in all the twelve items through fierce competition. Among them there were 5 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 4 third prizes which had broken the medal record of our school in the participation of provincial competitions!


First Prize  Cashier Skills


Luo liya’s feeling:

Cashier Skills was a new item this year. It was an uncertain item. It had been tough all the way because we had no idea about whether there would be a competition or not and whether there would be good results after the training. But our teacher told us that the environment kept changing and what didn’t change was our effort. That’s right. No one knows what will happen if he doesn’t insist till the end. You cannot change the environment. What you can do is to make constant effort only so you can grasp the opportunity when it comes. Luckily, I grasped it. As a saying goes, opportunities are always ready for those who are well-prepared. If you are wonderful, God will has his arrangement!


Computerized Accounting


Fang Wei’s feeling:

In Sep. of 2017, I who am in confusion came to the accounting competition team by chance. At that moment, I found the direction of road, reset my aim and went forward without hesitation. During the process, I was nearly eliminated once because of the ups and downs of my scores. But I didn’t give up for the aim in my heart. From my point of view, It didn’t matter whether I would be eliminated or not. As long as I had paid all my effort and did things without regret, that would be a success for me. With constant effort, I finally got a good result in the competition. The competition field was only a platform for showing myself. The future road is still a long way to go. The God didn’t let the painstaking man down, three thousand soldiers of Yue’s could swallow up Wu.


Network construction and application

Wen Zehua and Jiang Xiaoling’s feeling:

This competition had made us learn a lot. We had gained much knowledge and experience that we hadn’t been access to before. The competition had also made us realize the importance of teamwork. Only by working with team spirit could we get outstanding achievement. Before the competition, there was no doubt that the training was tough. Ten minutes’ display on the stage reflects the effort of ten years under the stage. In the competition, there was no doubt that the battle was fierce. Only by being calming down could a contestant display his ability better. After the competition, not until the moment of announcing the results did I understand “No pains, no gains”.


IOT technology application and maintenance


The feeling of Zheng Jibin, Chen Kaiwen and Liu Xiang:

First of all, we are gratitude to the support from our school. We are also gratitude to our tutors for his fighting with us in the training room day and night. Surely it was far from enough to only rely on the help of teachers. Every little progress lied more on the constant effort and learning of ourselves.


During our daily training, we often encountered many kinds of problems. First, we needed to calm down to think about it carefully. If we still didn’t know how to handle them, we would ask our teacher or schoolmates for help. After all, no one was capable and knowledgeable when he was born. Escaping is not the best choice. One can only escape for some time. He cannot escape for the whole life. We should face the mistakes directly. Solving it in time is the best way of dealing with it.


Computer Examination Maintenance and Data Recovery


Feeling of Zhang Yufeng and Lin Huanying:

In 2019 Guangdong Skills competition for Vocational Schools we won the first prize in the item of Computer Examination Maintenance and Data Recovery. We couldn’t get such achievement without the cultivation from our school, the instruction of our teachers or the mutual help from our seniors and teammates. It was they who provided the chance for us to win. Surely we could not rely on these help if we wanted to win. It was more important for us to keep making effort and make progress little by little through learning with self-motivation. In the process of our daily training, when we met problems we should first calm down and think carefully. Then we could solve them by using the internet, try to raise good questions, explore the solutions to the problems, cultivate and train our thinking of solving problems. Only by doing these could we develop gradually in learning. We won’t be arrogant for a victory. We will move on and won’t let those who have cared about and helped us down. No pains, no gains. We hope that we could get a better achievement in the national competition.


Words of the tutors:


Wang Zhi:

Everyone who walk out from the 7th floor are strong boys. They are like thick books that have been written for three years. They are like the unique sceneries of Tai Mountain and Yellow Mountain. They are undertaking their past, current moment and future!


Provide you with a culture and let you feel it.

Provide you with some time and let you arrange it.

Provide you with a stage and let you perform.

Provide you with some opportunities and let you create.

Provide you with strictness and let you grow.

Provide you with hardship and let you become strong.

Provide you with some disturbance and let you be focus.

Provide you with some good habits and let you be excellent.

Provide you with a team and let you be cooperative.

Provide you with a pair of wings and let you fly.

Provide you with brightness and let you explore.

Provide you with a dream and let you take actions.

Provide you with an experience and let you review.


Teacher Ren Lizhe:

On one hand, our contestants overcame the high psychological pressure and showed their levels of training normally. They overtook the opponents. On the other hand, we also found some mistakes due to some lack in daily training. Focusing on these mistakes we’ll make some improvement in the future training and refine the line of thinking for training so as to make our contestants break their bottlenecks and have breakthrough before the national competition. This provincial competition was a confirmation as well as an examination of our contestants’ routine training. We can discover problems through this competition and make effort to get more excellent achievement.


Teacher Pan Tao:

The competition item of “Enterprise network construction and application” has been set for 11 years. Our school has taken part in this item for 7 years. The golden medal for this item in 2018 national competition cohere the professional levels of our teachers in the computer department. The item imitated the real enterprise network environment completely. It configured the topology structure in the computer network. It tested broad scope of knowledge, had high difficulty in grasping skills and competing and had high gold content.


Teacher Lian Junhao and Cui Min:

First of all, this competition made us realize the importance of teamwork. We could not lack any effort of school, teachers and students. Secondly, it is necessary for the teachers to provide company during the training period. The energy and time that the teachers consumed was in proportionate to the improvement of the students. At last, it was a vital prerequisite for the students’ long-term training to do their mind work well. We must let the students have firm confidence, set goals and give full play to their initiative.


Teacher Chen Li and Bin Wenxin:

We could do what other people could do. That was the bottom line. We could do what other people couldn’t do. That was value. In the training process of the new item VR production and application, as tutors we often reminded ourselves to make the effort of students and ourselves worthy. Such value stood for high quality, high efficiency and high rewards, because skills competition was a competition of explosive type which was not as unhurried or lengthy as enduring type. On the basis of pragmatism, we still needed dexterity. Extending the training period blindly was not as good as breaking the key points through which was more effective and to the point. Besides skills and tutor, our daily behaviors could also be seen by the students. We were willing to be companions running with the students.


Teacher He Weining:

Participating in the skills competition was an important move for totaling implementing the 19th CPC National Congress’ strategic deployment about building a knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workforce, carrying forward the spirit of model worker and craftsman, and creating a glorious social fashion and dedicated style of work. Under the lead of school leadership headed by principal Huang, we took part in the Guangdong competition and got a prize in the Hydraulic and pneumatic system alignment and maintenance project with the full cooperation of teaching affairs office, general affairs office and other departments. But the path of getting forward didn’t end. Only with patience, confidence, endurance, bravery and innovation could the students get better achievement in the future competition.


For many years, our school had cultivated skilled talents group by group and got lots of prizes in the skills competition. Our school valued the cultivation of skills. It had provided the students with equipment of good quality and created good atmosphere for the competition.


Conclusion of the Leaders


Deputy chief Zhang Lixin:

The provincial competition is an official competition which is second to the national competition in scale. The gold medals in Guangdong competition are valuable. The provincial competition is an examining platform for the training result before the national competition as well as an important opportunity for exercising. The achievement didn’t come easily. Since the school opening in September, the teachers and students in all the competition teams sacrificed almost all the weekends and holidays. They focused their attention in training. April showers bring May flowers. 9 contestants who had won the first prizes in the provincial competition got the qualification of studying in the higher vocational colleges without examination. It was a solid foundation for the coming national competition and their future life! There are thousands of paths to happiness and hardworking is the first path. Go ahead, our school team!   


Vice principal Lu Shuhong:

Cultivating the students’ professional core quality is the aim of our school. Through professional skills training, our school builds solid foundation for the students’ future professional development and provides strength for their sustainable development.


For many years, our school has taken the lead in the national competitions in the fields of computing, finance, mechatronics, electronic information and design. With the belief of promoting teaching and learning through competition, our teachers keep improving their professional skills and perfect their professional knowledge systems. They have cultivated gold medal winners group by group and sent a large amount of talents to Shenzhen Polytechnics and Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology. Our school has drawn career blueprints for the students’ long life journey. 

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